Do you want to control the news of your business?

Everyday businesses are in the news. They are showcasing new products they are selling, to helping the everyday citizen. How would you like to control what people see on the news? Snap 180 Media has just the product for you. We can cover any kind of news your business wants to get out. From shooting and editing to script writing and media releases. Imagine your business with your video on the 10 o'clock news. More and more news agencies can't afford the people to collect and gather everyday news stories. Even if they do get a chance to cover a story they spend on average 1 hour collecting interviews and video. They might not even get shots of your product or an interview. Is that what you want the public to see about your business? If you want the right message to be delivered to the public about your business you need to have broadcast ready high quality video shots and have the right information before the TV stations get there. You can also do your own news style packages and post them to YouTube and spread the word all over social media. Below is an examples of businesses controling their own messages. Control your media message by controlling your video.

Bonanzas to Oshkosh

Courtesy: EAA

CertianTeed International Builders Show

Courtesy: CertainTeed


Courtesy: CertainTeed

Badger Honor Flight

Courtesy: Badger Honor Flight


Courtesy: Shell & Blue Door Consulting

AirVenture Update

Courtesy: EAA

Ultralight Time!

Courtesy: EAA

Family Flight Fest

Courtesy: EAA

Skyplane Fly-In

Courtesy: EAA

Space Ship 1

Courtesy: EAA

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