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IMG 0036Your next studio guest is just a call and a drive away! No more hauling cables in and out of a house. No more interrupting someone’s work day to set up a shot in their office. Snap 180 Media’s “Studio Remote” van is now available for live and live to tape broadcast interviews!

Snap 180 Media’s Studio Remote van allows your guest flexibility to the location and the time that they are available at. With the hectic schedules of many people our van allows for after business hours interviews without disturbing the home life of your guest. We can pull right up to your guest’s home and within minutes we can be on and off the air and on to your next location.

Our vision is to deliver a high-end mobile studio to any door in America! We provide a safe and easy way to get your show’s guest on the air with our sprinter studio remote van. Our large high roof Mercedes Sprinter van is equipped with a 1080 or 720 broadcast stream from our built in LiveU LU500. Your guest will be seated in front of a large 70 inch monitor, with either a graphic you send us or a preselected graphic or photo.

The use of still photos or motion graphics is encouraged since this is your show and the look of your show is important to us. We also have installed a three-point light setup with a backlight so your guest will be lit properly and create the look as if they are in your studio. We also use wired microphones in the van because copper is your friend and eliminates the chance of taking any hits while the interview is happening.

Our van is also equipped with a small refrigerator for drinks, multiple DC and AC outlets for charging and a producer desk. Utilize your guest’s time better by using our “Studio Remote” van and increase the number of guests on your show!Studio Remotes

Current Available Backgrounds

Dont see a background you want? Send us one at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or ask us for something more specific. We will be updating our library frequently and the below images are just a sample of what we might have.

 Fake Studio  Capitol DC Day  Capitol DC Dusk
 Chicago Dusk  Cleveland OH Cleveland OH Night 
 DC Capital Night  Desmoines Day  desmoins Night
 Des Moines Indy Day   Indy Night
 Madison Day Madison Dusk  Milwaukee Night 
 New York Dusk New York Dusk  St Louis Day 
 St Louis Night    

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