hpx3000The AJ-HPX3000 records onto the P2 card system of solid state flash memory. With five card slots and using the highest quality AVC-intra 100 codec, five 32G P2 cards will capture 200 minutes of 1080/24p material. Using the AVC-intra 50 codec (similar in quality to DVCPRO HD) yields twice as much recording time. There is a Firewire port as well as USB 2.0 ports and a convenient flip-out LCD screen.

The HPX3000 also offers the revolutionary new Chromatic Aberration Compensation (CAC) that electronically reduces color shift and optical registration issues that can hinder 3-chip camera systems. The Dynamic Range Stretcher (DRS) function can expand the exposure range of the camera without creating excessive banding in highlights or blocking in shadows. The HPX3000 sports and extremely low noise floor for an exceptionally clean image. The camera also features six gamma modes including the popular Film-Rec mode from the VariCam.


  • 1920x1080 progressive scan HD camcorder
  • 24p, 25p, 30p, 50i & 60i capture modes
  • Adjustable shutter angles available at all frame rates
  • Up to 400 minutes of HD recording via five P2 card slots
  • Advanced 12-pole color matrix
  • 4:2:2 10-bit color sampling
  • Program up to eight scene files on a removable SD card
  • Two HD-SDI outputs
  • Built-in downconverter


  • - AJ-HPX3000 HD camera body
  • - HD 2" 16x9 viewfinder
  • - 32G worth of P2 cards
  • - Tripod plate
  • - Nat-Mic w/ Directional Mono microphone and holder
  • - 3x Hytron 140 14.4v Batteries or 4 Dionic 90 lightweight batteries
  • - 1x Charger/70w Power Supply
  • - Raincover
  • - User Manual

Daily Rate: $800.00

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