The Dana Dolly is an updated version of a design used in the film industry for decades. The dolly consists of a 13" by 17" aluminum camera platform with 4 wheels at each corner that roll along track made of pipe. Two brackets fit at the ends of each pipe to hold them the right distance apart. On the bottom of each bracket are pins that can fit into the top of adjustable height lighting stands such as "Baby Combo Stands" (not supplied). The camera rests on a tripod head that rests on the camera platform via a tripod head adapter. In case you don't have the right tripod head, we supply a 100 mm BallSH Adapter that screws onto the bottom of your camera and fits easily into the tripod head adapter on the dolly.



What's in the package:

  • 13"x17" 13lb Camera Platform
  • 2 pieces of 6' or 4' Pipe Track (local rental only)
  • 2 Dolly Track End Brackets
  • 2 Tripod Head Adapters (75mm and 100mm) w/ a 3" Washer (outside diameter).
  • 2 Carpenter's Horses (for elevating track). (local only)
  • T-Wrench
  • Center Track Support
  • 100mm BallSH Adapter


Dolly Track End Kit:
The dolly system is comprised of two track end brackets that ensure the pipe stays the proper distance apart. Track ends are designed to go into any standard 1 1/8" Junior receiver like those typically found on adjustable height lighting stands such as the "Baby Combo." Flip the track and bracket assembly over and support it with boxes, carpenter's horses or similar items of matching height or place it on the ground for low mode.

Tripod Head Adapters

We have specially made 75mm and 100mm adapters that fit most standard leveling heads with a Mitchell mount. The dolly comes machined with a standard Mitchell mount.

What to Use as Track

We supply 6' and 4' length pipe for use as track if you are a local rental. If you need to buy pipe it come fairly cheap at Lowes or Home Depot and pick up the 1 1/4" galvanized pipe or conduit. You can also use PVC pipe so long as it is supported mid-span to avoid sag and is rigged enough to hold you camera system.

The Dana Dolly can take everything from DSLR's to full 35mm cameras. This dolly is fun and easy to use and helps you get that smooth tracking shot at a low cost.

Daily Rate: $275.00
Weekly Rate $450.00

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